Below you will find solutions to common issues. You can also search our YouTube Channel for videos related to any issues you may be experiencing by using the internal search shown in the image below. Additionally, you can search our Facebook Group or make a new post and of course you can also reach out to us.

Unplug any other devices like light guns, steering wheels or Dolphin Bar for Wii. Only connect these devices when you’re using them or they will conflict with each other.If your controller still doesn’t work after unplugging these other devices, use the controller fixes in the video below.

You have to select the controller in the Yuzu settings. See video below.

Run our “Arcaid” system restore utility located at:

This will restore your settings to a working state.

Please note that this happens if you don’t turn off your system correctly either by holding down the power button/pulling the plug or due to a power failure in your home while the system is in use.

See video below for safe ways to turn off your system if it stops responding:

From the Toolkit in Hyperspin, select “Fix MAME Sound” and also  “Fix Game Sound”. See video below.

To exit out to Windows from Hyperspin, use the Toolkit “Exit To Windows” option. If you’re unable to use the Toolkit because there is something wrong with your system, use the manual method. Both options are demonstrated in the video below.

If MAME games or games for older consoles like SNES are running slow, your resolution settings aren’t set correctly. See the following video:

This is very easy to fix, see the following video:

See video below:

Some Teknoparrot games are only available for paid members who have a Teknoparrot Patreon subscription. Please note that these are games that are designated as non-public by the Teknoparrot developers and any subscription money goes directly to them. We are not involved in this process.

If you would like to pay for a Teknoparrot Patreon subscription to have access to these games, click here

This game uses an Android emulator that allows the mobile version of Golden Tee 2020 to be played on a Windows PC. Therefore just like apps on your phone, this game has frequent updates that must be installed to keep the game in working order and a free Google Play Store account is required as well. 

See videos below for instructions on how to update the game. The second video shows how to play the game, since it is not as straight forward as older Golden Tee games.