Below you will find extensive information about all of the different controllers you can use with our systems. Please read carefully as everything is outlined in great detail. If you still need help AFTER reading the information below, feel free to email us at

Generally speaking, any controller that is Xinput compatible or has an IPAC encoder will work. Many controllers and fight sticks support Xinput. 

The following link will take you to a playlist which is full of videos outlining the details about the different controller options you can use with our systems:


Handheld Controllers

Original Xbox 360 Controllers

Original Microsoft branded Xbox 360 controllers are plug and play. These can be purchased anywhere they’re sold or you can use your existing controllers as long as they’re original Microsoft branded and not third party.

Both wired or wireless controllers will work. If using wireless you will need a wireless receiver. A single receiver will work for up to 4 controllers, you DO NOT need one wireless receiver per controller.

Xbox 360 Controllers On eBay (read the description to make sure they’re original)


Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver On eBay (read the description to make sure they’re original)


Xbox 360 Third Party Wireless Receiver (buy this one if you aren’t able to source an original receiver, these will work with original Xbox 360 controllers. Only 1 receiver is needed for up to 4 controllers)


See the following instructions for installing the drivers for these third party receivers.

Windows 7 Instructions

Windows 10 Instructions

Third Party Xbox 360 Controllers 

These are our recommended and tested third party Xbox 360 controllers in case you are not able to source original Microsoft branded controllers. Note that third party controllers each include their own receiver, you will need to plug in one receiver for each controller.

Voyee Wireless Xbox 360 Controllers


Voyee Wired Xbox 360 Controllers


W&O Wireless Xbox 360 Controllers 


Original Xbox One / Series X / Series S Controllers

2TB, Budget 2TB and CRT GroovyMAME Systems

For the 2TB, Budget 2TB and CRT GroovyMAME systems, you can use up to 4 Xbox One / Series X / Series S controller. For these systems, you must use one of the following wireless receivers:


8TB and 20TB System

If using a single controller, you will need one of the following receivers:


If playing games with 2 or more players on the 8TB or 20TB systems, it is recommended to use Xbox 360 controllers or the third party Xbox One controllers below.  If you still want to use original Xbox One controllers for multiplayer gaming, you can do so by pairing each Xbox One controller to one of the following 8Bitdo wireless adapters, more on that in the 8Bitdo section.


Third Party Xbox One / Series X / Series S Controllers

These controllers work well and Windows recognizes them as Xbox 360 controllers. Each controller includes a wireless dongle, you cannot pair multiple controllers to a single dongle.

Riboxin Xbox One Controllers


Original Playstation 4 & Playstation 5 Controllers

Sony Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 controllers can be used if paired with an 8Bitdo wireless USB adapter. See 8Bitdo section for more information.

Playstation 4 controllers can also be used without the 8Bitdo adapters but only wired, not wireless. See video below for instructions. Note that your PC must be online with an internet connection for initial setup.

Third Party Playstation Controllers

These controllers work well and Windows recognizes them as Xbox 360 controllers. Each controller includes a wireless dongle, you cannot pair multiple controllers to a single dongle.

GameSir T3 Controller

Make sure to read the included instructions, you have to hold the power button and the X button while powering on the controller to put it into the correct mode to use with a PC. This is only required for the first use, it will remember this setting going forward.


Retro Fighters Defender Controller


Any controller connected through one of these adapters is recognized as an Xbox controller meaning Windows will think you are playing with an Xbox controller even if you’re not! These adapters support many controllers, we have tested the following for 2 player gameplay:

– Sony Playstation 4 Controllers

– Sony Playstation 5 Controllers

– Microsoft Xbox One Controllers (must be model 1708 or newer, the really old model 1697 controllers won’t work)

– 8Bitdo Bluetooth Controllers (we haven’t tested them all but any 8Bitdo Bluetooth Controller such as the SN30 Pro should work)

Please note that you need one 8Bitdo Wireless Adapter per controller. You’ll also want to put the adapter in Xinput mode. Instructions for that can be found on the 8Bitdo support page HERE.

Scroll down, choose the black USB Adapter 2, click on “Manual” and select the controller you’re using, then select Windows. Look at the “manual setting” section under FAQ to see how to put the adapter into Xinput mode.

8Bitdo Wireless USB Adapter


Fight Sticks

These fight sticks are plug and play. There is a physical mod that we recommend you do but isn’t mandatory. See our video tutorial below for details.

Mayflash F300 Fight Stick


Mayflash F300 Elite Fight Stick


Mayflash F500 Fight Stick


Mayflash F500 Elite Fight Stick


Watch the video below for set up instructions.

8Bitdo Arcade Fight Stick


Arcade Style Controllers

These are high quality controllers and are virtually plug and play. See our video below for quick set up instructions.

Rec Room Masters Xtension Controllers


These controllers require minimal set up. See our easy to follow videos below for instructions. NOTE: if you have a newer X-Arcade controller (2019 and beyond) use the first video. If you have an older controller (before 2019) use the second video.

CLICK HERE to download our key mapping diagram

X-Arcade Tankstick


Instructions for Tanksticks manufactured from 2019 and beyond:

Instructions for Tanksticks manufactured before 2019:

Any arcade controller/arcade deck will work with our systems as long as they use any of the IPAC encoders from Ultimarc.

IPAC Encoders


Mini-PAC Encoder


Light Guns

Sinden light guns require minor initial set up using our automated installer. See main set up video below which will get 95% of the games working. Some games/systems require individual set up, videos for those are below as well. In addition, click here to access a playlist for all Sinden related videos on our YouTube channel.

Sinden Light Guns


Main set up video

The following games/systems require additional set up

Aimtrak light guns require minor initial set up. See videos below for instructions.

Aimtrak Light Guns


Teknoparrot games require additional setup using our Teknoparrot Gun Wizard:

Steering Wheels

The Logitech G29 Steering Wheel is plug and play with our systems. See video below to learn how to enable it before using it. It is a long video because we go into a lot of detail, but enabling it is simple and most of the video just shows you how to do different things like changing the inputs should you choose to do so.

Note: you must use the Logitech G29, NOT the G920.


You can use just about any guitar brand to play Guitar Hero, Rock Band or Clone Hero. See video below for more details on the guitars that we have tested and also to find out which guitars are pre-configured out of the box for you!