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Great system and great customer service! The system arrived quickly and I was able to get it up and running in no time.
There’s a lot of YouTube videos created by Arcade One that helped me with a lot of my questions. If I can’t find anything there, Carlos has been very helpful and responds very quickly to questions!
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Daniel McCue
Virtual pinball and MAME I have a 2TB, 8TB and a virtual pinball build from Arcade-one. Carlos is amazing. The builds are amazing and Carlos and the community are the best. I would recommend to anyone. I can’t say enough good things about the systems and his customer service.
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some specific virtual pinball tables' backglass will not change I installed the pinball drive, the system is working well. Only problem is some specific virtual pinball tables' backglass will not change if you enter then exit table and switch to the next table. I attached the pics about the table
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John C
Absolutely Fabulous System Look No Where Else! I spent hours searching. Once I found Arcade-One and read the reviews, I ordered mine. I couldn’t be happier!! Carlos is a real Guru who stands behind his machines and that’s priceless. Searching for the best all in One You have found it right here at Arcade-One. Trust what I say you can't go wrong
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Great Product Save me lots of time from trying to put everything together.
The support has been outstanding and its true that most issues will be solved by watching the videos.
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Brad Savage
All in one software The software is almost Like plug and and play with few steps to follow. The 8tb has an enormous amount of games. I am using the software with the rec room maters controller deck made it even easier to setup. There are allot of faq videos that walked me through some of the setup. I highly recommend the software
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Outstanding/Amazing product Excellent stable hard-drive (pinball tables), Professional installation, Great customer service, and an overall satisfying experience. I would highly recommend purchasing from this company. My interaction with the owner Carlos was extremely positive. Well done Carlos!!!!!
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Artur Hovsepian
20 TB hard drive - Great experience The drive arrived in a timely manner and I was able to install it in my gaming rig. I had some issues getting it recognize but Carlos was very responsive through emails and suggested a power cable adapter from amazon and it did the trick. He was also kind enough to make some suggestions for a light gun set and I couldn't be happier. Going to order the set soon and get some retro gaming out of my system!

If you don't to deal with all the fuss and research everything about creating your system... This is your stop. Everything just works.
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Mike M
Thoroughly Impressed with Arcade-One’s 8TB Hyperspin System Purchasing the 8TB Hyperspin system from Arcade-One was an absolute game-changer for me. Not only did it arrive faster than I anticipated, but the quality of the product itself was top-notch. It was refreshing to see that there was no unnecessary bloatware or unorganized garbage cluttering the system - just pure, unadulterated gaming goodness.

What impressed me further was the attention to detail Carlos has put into maintaining the system’s relevance through regular updates.

Moreover, his tutorial and guide videos are in a league of their own. They manage to break down the vast capabilities of the system into easily understandable segments, making the entire experience user-friendly and accessible. This level of support is invaluable, especially when navigating through such an extensive library of games.

It’s a perfect blend of nostalgia and modern convenience, offering endless hours of entertainment without any of the typical headaches associated with pre-loaded gaming systems.

It’s been an absolute joy to relive some of my favorite arcade memories. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and the service provided by Arcade-One.
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I’m a Believer! Totally Awesome. I did an extensive amount of research before buying the 20 TB Custom system. Like many, I read all the reviews of Arcade One, and I happy to say that everything is true! Carlos is the ultimate professional, and super patient, answering all of my questions. He worked with me to put together a system that gave me the performance I wanted and hit the budget I needed. He takes pride in his work and it really shows. I highly recommend Arcade One. I’m a very satisfied customer and totally recommend. Thanks Carlos!
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. This system is awesome I can not thank Carlos enough for everything he has set up. this is the best hyperspin setup.

Carlos is also quick too reply too messages and will fix your problems you have maximum star rating and thankyou again Carlos.
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Absolutely blew me away After meticulously doing research on this system, I pulled the trigger. Carlos was prompt in responding to me. His vast library of videos on troubleshooting has also assisted me on keeping my system up to date and troubleshooting with any quirks that might pop up. It plays great, my family loves it and I cannot wait to have my friends try it. If you're on the fence about buying one, I highly recommend it. It's the most comprehensive way to game that I've ever dreamed of.
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Light gun PC Works well some games sluggish but understandable with how many titles you get in a TB size drive. Love the Sindens work well with Carnevil and many other arcade exclusives.
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Demetrius Davenport
Amazing Machine Been wanting a machine like this for a while now. Arcade One help me make the right choice by ALL MEANS.Carlos even reached out to me after I had controller issues. Arcade One have the best machine on the market...
I wish I could give more than 5 stars..
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Brendan Rhoad
Truly Impressive Multicade! I could not be happier with the 20 TB system. I can tell that Carlos put a ton of time, effort and care into making the machine as plug-and-play as possible. Additionally, the numerous how-to videos cover nearly every issue or modification you may need to make. I tried to set up my own system before but ran into nothing but headaches, but the arcade-one machine takes out all the guesswork and frustration. Thanks Carlos!
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Fabio Soiza
Pinball hard drive Great setup and customer service, thanks Oscar.
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20tb arcade one system System is awesome having so much fun all the games to choose from hours a fun and some wish I would have got one of these years ago
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So Much Fun! I have only had the system for a few weeks but what a great experience so far! So easy to get up and running and the working game collection is truly amazing. I grew up in the 80s and have been playing so many of the games I used to play in the arcade at the mall with my cousins. Can't wait for my Rec Room Master's 2 Player Arcade Machine to arrive so I can put it all together. Thanks Carlos for the great work!
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Arcade One's System is AWESOME!!! This system is Awesome! Carlos is an amazing person, and I can see he really cares and supports everyone that bought his system. I'm very lucky and thankful I got this.
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John Travelino/ JerseyJohnny
You're an idiot if you don't buy one of Arcade-One's builds I say things which anger people, but I always tell the truth ,100% good or bad. I'm running the 20tb hyperspin build in my favorite, most treasured home arcade cabinet. That alone should tell you how amazing this company is. You could buy the build, walk away and never have to touch it again and be perfectly happy. But one of the extra percs of having an Arcade-One system is that it's constantly being updated, FOR FREE, for you. Since buying my Hyperspin build I've installed approximately 4TB of extra games and systems provided to me for free my Arcade-One. Everything works plug and play. My cabinet has a two player rec room masters control deck with a 4 way joystick with 2 buttons, sppinner w 2 buttons,trackball, 2 6 button joystick layouts, 2 side pinball buttons on each side. I've also added on working coin door, 2 sinden light guns, the g29 racing wheel setup, shifter, and pedals, and high resolution digital PixlecadeLCD Marquee. Hidden compartment has slide out drawer for full size gaming keyboard, mouse, and wireless Xbox One gamepad.
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Great Solution for family gaming The Arcade-one 20TB system is great. I asked Carlos to put a custom system together and he suggested an alternative PC which he already had. Turned out great so far! I’ve only had it for a short time and am just now beginning to understand the “hows” and “whats.” The videos are really helpful and the instructions he sends are great.

Looking forward to more great gaming and planning to use it in a pedestal build when I can get it pulled together. Too bad there aren’t many quality pedestal designs readily available. BUT, the system Carlos sent is wonderful so far!!!

I wouldn’t hesitate at all to order from him again and I recommend if you’re looking for a great PC solution for your gaming, Arcade-one is the answer. Carlos puts a really high quality system together and provides great support!!
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Jay B
Amazing system I’ve had my arcade-one system for over a year now and it’s still so amazing. All the updates and personal guidance and help really sets arcade-one apart from any other system I have researched. If I ever buy another one it will be another arcade-one!
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Fantastic I purchased the car racing system and couldn’t be happier.
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Justin Hasler
Arcade One 20TB System Review To start off I bought this system last month and I didn't register right away so im reviewing it now. I will say when I got the console it had every game I could ever want on it, It was able to work on my 4K TV and the controllers were already setup for me on each console, the original Xbox games and the ps3 games working well with no issues was impressive since those are the hardest to emulate. Overall I'm happy with my console and it was well worth it.
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Arcade One Bought 2 of this arcade I'm SOOO HAPPY with this purchase. Lots and lots of different classic games to play Great for families!
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Love this system!!! Got the full light gun build, it works great with my Sinden light gun! Shout out to their customer service, fast, efficient, easy going to fix my setting!
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Chris Sheppard
Upgraded from a Pi build, wish I would have done it sooner! I have a cabinet that ran on a Pi build for several years and decided to upgrade to a pre-built. Super happy I did. The 20TB build is well appointed and all of my arcade controls came pre-configured or were an easy YouTube video away from becoming a reality. Highly recommend Arcade One to anyone interested in retro gaming!
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Excllent service Brought ssd pinball hard drive, customer service was absolutely brilliant, helped every step of the way to get it set up.
Would highly recommend and would purchase other items in the future.
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Great option for updating existing cabinets I built a MAME cabinet 15 yrs ago and after going through 3 pc’s and 2 CRT tv’s it was time for an update. Really didn’t want to do all the work to set everything up from scratch and found arcade one after watching YouTube review videos. Was pretty much a plug and play after adding an lcd screen and doing a little bit of work to reconfigure existing ipac and add a Microsoft Xbox receiver knockoff. Very happy with it and really impressed with support I received from Carlos. If he doesn’t have a video already made about something he’ll reply within hours by email. Highly recommend!
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Owner of a new 20 tb system This is the most amazing, well designed and well organized collection that I have come across. I have ordered from others collections, and sometimes its just a hot mess. Carlos, is amazing, and he knows what he is doing. I highly advise getting the 20 tb system! I should mention, I have spent months trying to set these systems up myself and have had very little success. Things like teknoparrot require a skill set that I do not think I have. This system has everything working, and working well. 10/5 stars
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Look No Further! I went down the rabbit hole of emulation starting with modded Arcade1Up units a couple years back. I have bought systems and kits from many other vendors and I can tell you that nothing compares to an Arcade-One system. I went with the 20 TB and its incredible! Crazy amount of games including many new titles that run flawlessly on the system. Frequent updates (an unexpected perk!), great support from Carlos (the man!) and a helpful Facebook group, and I am one happy customer. A little bit of PC knowledge is a plus, but Carlos has created many helpful videos that lay out detailed instructions to address any issues you may encounter. Will be buying another system to go in a rec room masters cabinet soon!
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Calen Palazzolo
Hyperspin Hardrive Love the image. It is better than I expected. Just working on more funds to buy the cabinet for it and Carlos helped me out with something. Would highly recommend.
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Kristina Phillips
Amazing product and fantastic service! I am beyond impressed with not only the system itself but the level of customer service Carlos provides to all his customers. I was having trouble hooking up controllers and Carlos did not hesitate to reach out to help - thank you!!! The system itself is amazing and has so many games. The set up is very easy to use as well! Do not hesitate to purchase this- you won't regret it and will get many many hours of enjoyment!!!
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Quality, support, prices are unbeatable. Continuous games additions, superb support for any questions and guidance, the quality of the games' builds are unbeatable. Arcade-one listens to its customers in the private community forum and expands the build based on the feedback and desires received. You get driving games, gun games, control panel games, etc., etc.
Cannot recommend more. The fun never ends with Arcade-One.
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Go Big , don’t go home , just go Big I was an avid arcade kid in the 90s. I started doing research during COVID about these machines . It was extensive and thorough. I am don’t know anything about computers , and this system arrives as turn key as you could hope for .
The title for this review is to encourage you to buy the most extensive package . I have an Xbox series x so I figured I didn’t need the newer type games (at some point the nostalgia would wear off ) wrong . Arcade one provides continuous updates to older games and
Other apps that are incredible . I bought an 8gb and sent it back almost instantly realizing I wanted the Sinden guns and everything else this system has to offer . Amazing . I’ve only written three online reviews in my life . I just figured someone else would cover it . If you’re reading this take my word for it ..

Lastly , and most importantly , I’m computer illiterate, I was stunned at the costumer service . They are patient , incredibly smart , and understand while we love the product we have no idea what we’re talking about . 10 stars
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Mr. G
Superb PC Builds I'm Super impressed with the quality of my 8tb Arcade One Build. The continuous number of Top Games in multiple categories, and the way its visually formatted makes you eager to explore unfamiliar games. "Pretty Over the Top".
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Antonio Wilson
When I started this I searched and did research on everyone that does this...and I have to say Carlos is the best out there...He has the best customer service ever... order your system the way you want it's all up to you...and our community is the best...If your looking for the best systems this is where you stop💯
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Pete Vanterpool
Highly recommend My first retro arcade setup. I am currently running 3 of the products. Quality, easy to setup and help is there when you need him! Appreciate the support and upkeep of the system for us! And a great group of customers as well. Made some great friends!
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Derek Kampstall
Arcade One - It just works I've purchase multiple systems over the past few years as well as upgrades and I have been nothing but pleased. I am a busy person with work and family and having an "it just works" option for my hobby is priceless to me. Hyperspin systems are a rabbit hole you can go down if you want to customize further, but for me, the premade configuration is great. I have mine paired with a Rec Room Masters arcade cabinet and it is the envy of my friends and family. Buy with confidence.
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Mark healey
16 tb system Amazing product and great after sales care aswel
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Bob Bacheler
Terrific OOBE! Out Of Box Experience! My Arcade-One system worked out of the box. While I am happy to tinker with things, and I have played around with emulators on my PC, I purchased the Arcade-One because my time is limited, and I really just want to play the arcade games I grew up with. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. Within five minutes of opening the box, I was playing Cyberball 2072 and Joust.
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Incredible value Carlos builds great machines and is honest trustworthy and cares about his customers. Awesome service. Fantastic Facebook community as well.
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The best systems you can possibly buy A system which fills all of your retro and even modern needs with everything you pretty much want and already all setup and ready to play. Addtionally support is amazing if you need it so you can say easily this is money well spent
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I own 2! I have the 8gb and the racing system. Both work very very well. I’ve had them for a couple years with 0 issues.
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Jason Marston
ARCADE OPEN NOW !!!!! That’s my favorite childhood memory…..seeing that sign made my heart pump, because I knew that there were soo many games I wanted to play, High-Scores I wanted to set my initials on, and there was always something new to play. I knew that every time I put a quarter in, I got my moneys worth (unlike many of todays games), and I never left an arcade without a smile on my face, hoping to save and return asap…. Arcade-One and RecRoomMasters have given me a lifelong dream that I thought was out of reach, and it has been nothing but spectacular. Carlos Ortega ( owner ) will go down as the very best in the customer service reviews because he cares about us as much as we care about the Arcade, free updates routinely (unlike others), free tech support ( diddo), and an amazing Facebook group that keeps everyone engaged daily. In a day and age where 3/4 cabs are $750, and boring games are $70, what is a full arcade worth? Every system ever made including handhelds price? Every game for all those? This is really a no-brainer. I love it…….in case you couldn’t tell.
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Juan Blandino
Great product!! System are always updated by Carlos. Always on top of things, quickly answers question and gives support when issues come up.
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Ron Pineda
Best system! Best build I've had and do easy to get all setup.
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United Kingdom Review I purchased my 16tb system 2 years ago. Was delivered to the UK within just a few weeks. The system is crazy, every game you could think of. On top of that Carlos provides regular updates. The customer support offered is also above and beyond all of my expectations. All i can say is if you love arcade games, console games, pc games, light gun games or driving games. This is the only system you will ever need. Buy it now dont wait you deserve this in your life.
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