Terms and Conditions

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Please note that in order to keep prices low, we purchase the shell of our machines in bulk and some may have scratches/blemishes on the exterior. This does not impact functionality at all. This does not apply to custom orders, as we normally use new PCs for custom orders. The hard drive and video cards included in ALL of our products are new.

Arcade-One does not claim any intellectual property rights to any material that may be included and/or linked with the Arcade-One Services. All rom sets originate from Archive.org. Any included roms (game files) are not included in the charge of this service. Arcade-One only charges for consulting fees and for the price of any empty hard drive or other hardware that is included with the service and configuration. All hard drives are new and contain full manufacturer’s 2 year warranty.
By using Arcade-One Services, you acknowledge, warrant, and represent that (1) you have permission to download, install, and configure Hyperspin for all rom sets that can be found on archive.org for your personal research and backup purposes; (2) you own a physical copy of each and every original game and system downloaded for use with the Arcade-One Services. (3) you will abide by Archive.org’s terms of use, https:/ /archive.org/about/terms.php; (4) once you have completed your research or you no longer own or have the physical game in its original media, you will immediately delete that game file; (5) that you agree to pay for all royalties and fees owing to any person or entity for your use of any rom file for which you did not have permission.